The importance of Communication Skills in MBA

Communication skills are all around us, from the day we are born until we die. Every single one has its ability to communicate with one another, communication skills shows how well can one communicate with each other. Your communication skills are one of the most important ascribes that highlight your personality. Effective leadership too demands excellent communication skills. Speaking about the impact that your communication skill has on your admission essay, let me highlight some of the common mistakes that applicants usually do not take a note of. Communication skills can be broadly classified into the following categories;
1.    Written Communication - Whether it is verbal or written communication, you need to be very concise and clear about what actually you are conveying. Do not use heavy words just for the sake of adding weight to your application. Maintain a certain degree of pliancy in your approach to communication. Most people often think that being flexible means using all the words from the dictionary, but that doesn’t mean you have a good vocabulary. You cannot expect the Admission Committee to run through a dictionary every time they come across some new word. Rather, if you provide enough choices and variety in your language that would make the reading and listening requirements of your audience much comfortable, or else it might be a big turnoff for the Admissions Committee to read or listen your written work.
2.    Verbal Communication - Verbal communicators need to speak out their point succinctly and very clearly, paying careful attention to their pitch. Ensure that you don’t ramble or recite your points, as it may cater an impression of you being unintelligible. You should be well aware of all the points you have mentioned in your essay and should be able to justify it when questioned. Make sure you are speaking comfortably at a slow pace and not just uttering what you have memorized.
3.    Listening Skills - Those who are good at communication know the importance of listening. They will tell you that listening is more important than even speaking. Do not interrupt in between. If you do not listen heedfully to what others are saying or asking, then you are simply trying to dominate others with your point. This might cause a pitfall for you. A good listener has the power to create good audience so try maximizing your audience and pay regard to what they say. 

Improving communication skills is an art that comes with regular practice. As proven, practice makes a man perfect, so start with a noble intention and keep practicing dedicatedly till you reach perfection. No matter how intelligent you are but your communication skill is the only attribute that will help you immensely to convince the Admission Committee. So, make wise use of your words and make sure to establish your point politely and not by showing stubbornness. If you are not a skillful communicator then no matter how talented you are, all your efforts are in vain.
Remember: The art of communication is the language of leader.

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