Bringing Out Your Unique Features in your MBA Essay

Uniqueness is a one of the features that the MBA admission officers would be keen to see in your essays. Every individual is unique in some way or the other. Your unique interests, exceptional experiences, and distinctive background will help to distinguish you in a affirmative way in the tough competition. These odd passions tell the admissions committee that you can contribute an unique outlook to your class. Your ideals, traits, personal and professional past experiences, and incomparable interpersonal skills can prove you as an asset for your dream school.

The questions put by the admission committee will deplete all your aptitude and potential. Because the MBA admission officers look for the most capable person in the room, these people shut down the intelligence of others, ultimately stifling the flow of your ideas. In such a case your intellect won’t work out, you need to defend yourself by experimenting ideas from your past experiences and your unique values. Focus on make a secure place for yourself.

Think over something special in particular to write about. Try exploring your hidden talents and leadership skills. Recall past incidents where you have demonstrated your leadership skills effectively. Bring out your diverse abilities, principles, values, causes, and motivations by discussing your initiatives and accomplishments in different arenas. Do not try to preach to the admission committee. Just tell them what you have done till now and your urge to do more.

Bottom line for you: Adhere to one dogma; you have some uniqueness that distinguishes you from the crowd.

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