MBA Essay Tips for Writing about the events, life experiences, recent developments or book that has the greatest influence in shaping your thinking and your character

Influence is the key reason to motivation and transformation. Influential factors can be persons, events, experiences, images, movies or even words. They slip into our brains and work gently bringing a noticeable variation in our behavior. The effect that some event, experience, book, or any recent development has on you depends on your inclination, values, and sensitivity towards the issue and this is exactly what the MBA admission committee is interested to know about. Additionally, they are interested to know your learning abilities. Significant introspection and an expressive unfolding will be required to convey your thoughts through this MBA application essay.

Muse, and prepare a list. While preparing the list, do not limit yourself to any particular thing. Think of events, books you have read or your life experiences. Then score them on their influence on you and your thinking. Then, score them on the result due to this influence. Then multiply these two scores. The one with highest score wins and should be the ideal one to be presented in your MBA essay. Whether you decide to focus on a personal life experience or an external event, you must ensure that your readers understand the “before” and “after” aspects of your story. You do not have to communicate your essay in a chronological manner, but you need to convey the sense that because of this event/experience, you underwent a meaningful change that had an enduring impact, ideally in terms of your philosophy on life and/or your behavior toward others. This result is your “after,” and you will need to sufficiently describe your “before” philosophy and/or behavior to ensure the contrast is clear to the reader.

You can consider these elements while developing your essay:

  • Honestly think over the issues that have influenced you significantly.
  • Introduce the event and the perspective on the event.
  • Clearly explain why and how did it influence you?
  • Did it open a new outlook for you? Or did it confirm your views, which you already held but were not getting the support from real life?
  • How your thinking was influenced and what was the reason behind your thought?
  • If you are influences by someone, describe a few of the mentor’s key qualities that you most admire.
  • Then relate one or two particular scenarios that demonstrate these qualities.
  • How have you or your actions changed because of the person or the event or the book?
  • Be concrete. Cite specific examples of things that you have learned. Describe the situations in which you learned these things. Show how you have used this knowledge to your professional advantage.

Remember that putting the learning into action is the key in this essay. It won`t suffice, if you only write your key learning. You have to mention clearly how you used them and what is the outcome.

 “The most influential experience in my life occurred when ….”

With this kind of opening, where is the mystery? How did you come here and where do you go from there? Avoid giving your essay such a start. Make the best possible use of your words to depict your personality and the influential reasons for shaping your character.

Note: It is also suggested not to choose controversial topics such as Israel-Palestine or US attack on Iraq, considering the sensitive nature of these subjects.

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