MBA Essay Tips for describing the key issues facing organizations in your sector over the next three years and the course of action you would recommend to such organizations

This MBA admission essay question clearly aims in exploring your knowledge about your industry. An MBA not only focuses on your management skills but also on your detailed knowledge about the sector you are in. The admissions people expect you to know in and out of your industry. The admission officers expect the candidates, applying to a specific MBA program in their b-school, to be well versed with the factors responsible for growth, downfall, profit and loss in the industry, they are working with. This essay not only provides an insight of your knowledge about your sector, but also reflects your ideas and strategic vision for solving the issues.

This essay gives you a chance to succinctly display your strategic proficiency and management sense. By resourcefully analyzing the key issues faced by and in your sector, you can exemplify your knowledge of the industry as well as demonstrate where you believe it may or should be heading. Your ideologies and approaches should reflect your strategic vision. Your essay also shows how well you have researched your sector and how deliberately you conceive ideas to fit into solving the problem. 

You can begin with a detailed study of your organization`s last two years annual report. This will improve your understanding and provide useful leads for further investigation. Then performing Porter`s Five Forces and PESTEL analysis will make your work much easier. For this essay you are advised to do some research on your sector. Google Scholar, Datamonitor,  Ebsco and Financial Times are useful resources for the same. Although this question confines your course of action to the upcoming three years, you can indeed frame it in terms of where you see the sector ultimately heading, thereby reflecting your own long-term vision.

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