MBA Essay Tips for explaining your reasons of applying to a team-based MBA

This admissions essay is an opportunity to describe why you are interested in the program, and to demonstrate how you will bring experiences from your life and work to contribute to your classmates. An example from your past team experiences, whether work or extracurricular, will provide solid evidence of your own skills. Show how the program will allow you to learn from your diverse classmates, while helping you to understand your personal strengths and weaknesses and building on them. Explain how the program will help you to emerge out strong and confident in handling any such team in the future. Show, with what talent you foresee yourself to walk away with from this program and how this program will help to instill confidence in you to face challenges in your near future.

History is evident that leaders are born from teams. Effective working always takes place in diverse teams. In this essay, you need to justify your reasons of applying to a team-based MBA. You need to discuss how until this time you have been working and learning successfully in teams. Justify, how the wonderful team-based learning model comes in a full package with its own set of challenges. Demonstrate how the team-based MBA will aid you to deal with people from different countries, with different working styles, personalities, cultural biases etc, but with a common team goal. How will you motivate them, how will you tell a senior member within the team that he is not right on some aspect without hurting his ego, how will you deal with bad days without blame game and still learn to have good days?


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