MBA Essay Tips for Writing about the factors that influence your decision making, the difficult decisions you have made and its personal effect on you

The admission committee is interested in knowing how efficient you are in your decision making? From the most innocuous to positively earth shattering, decisions put pressure on our minds. Decisions are something most difficult for one to take, the reason being, we go through emotional upheavals and mental tensions and are more often influenced by external circumstances. Our subconscious mind and the environment also play their role in misguiding a decision. And of course, emotions contribute a huge part in influencing what we decide.

The essay demands you to reveal the factors that influence your decision making and the essential decisions you have taken. So, make sure to discuss about the decisions in areas that have been exceptionally mastered by you, the factors considered rationally, the clutter swept away and the focus exclusively on the problem in hand. Before writing, you need to think over what influences you while making a decision? Is it the power you have got, your responsibilities towards your position, your experience or your emotions. All together, your essay should not give the readers an impression that you allow emotions have an upper hand in your decision making process, rather your essay should convey the admission committee that, while taking decisions, you were extremely logical, had capped your emotions, considered all the choices mathematically and at the same time you were also well aware of the outside influences. 

Your essay should classically focus on the situations that demanded a decision from you and the way your decision supported the ease of the situation. Your decision should have critically sorted out a solution to the problem. Each time you define a problem, you will have many factors that need to be weighed against each other. Identify these factors and write them down. You can even organize them in order of their priority, or completely rate them in a mathematical manner. Your essay should also provide evidences of how your decision has impacted your growth and what personal effect has it rendered you.

Problems are never complex; deciding the approach to its solution is intricate.

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