MBA Essay Tips for writing about the other MBA programs you are applying

This MBA admission essay may sound a bit tricky, and it is obvious for you to get confused about what to write. However, by this question, the admission officers are not trying to find a clue for rejecting you, rather they want to uncover your rationality behind applying to different MBA programs and your contingency plans. Through this essay, the admission panel tries to see whether there is a common theme among all the business schools you are applying. Show the admission committee that you were rational in short-listing the schools and all the schools you have applied or intend to apply are related to your career aspirations and would help you in fulfilling your objectives. 

It is always risky applying to one or two b-school and expect a positive result. The number of applicants would be obviously too many, and you never know how the admission officers judge you and where you stand. You cannot even take the risk of rejection and wait another year to apply. Therefore, it is obvious that serious students do apply to multiple schools to be on the safer side. This also increases the chances of getting into an MBA program.

Deal with this essay tactfully. This is quite obvious and expected that you must be having a list of your dream schools in your mind. So, the admission officers would not mind to seeing the other schools name in your list. Therefore, do some serious research on the schools and find out how the program and other contents can help in your career aspiration. Honestly state the institutions you have applied to and also the ones you are planning to apply. However, do remember not to compare any of the schools by any means. Neither grandiose the standards of any school nor diminish anyone. Simply provide a list of whatever institutions you have applied to and discuss why you applied to them. Some of the possible reasons are geographical location of the schools, modules/specialization offered by the schools or pedagogy. A sincere research will help you unveil the similarities among the schools. Do remember, the admission officers expect a positive reply for this question. Your honesty would appeal to them in a positive manner.

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