MBA Essay Tips for writing the table of contents as an author for the book of Your Life Story

This essay aims in bringing out your creative potentials, and is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the way you view Your Life Story. You can illuminate some of your significant experiences and provide brief descriptions about them in each chapter of your book. You can also demonstrate your distinctive personal attributes and your community involvements that you may not have been able to touch in any of your previous career focused essays. This is the ideal opportunity to highlight on specific areas which you had got a very little scope to mention elsewhere.

This essay is an approach for you to communicate the unique theme of your life to the admission panel. However, before writing, spend some quality time in sorting out the various themes of your life that you would like to highlight in your essay? This will give you a clear idea to organize your Table of Contents thematically and focus on certain international experiences, significant community involvements and professional achievements as separate sections of your book. Shed light on the most important milestones through intellectual chapter headings, and be sure to share your essay with your friends and family to make sure that you are communicating effectively though the ingenious exercise.

This essay is an excellent platform for you to add your crucial information that will set you apart from other applicants. You need not necessarily have to order the chapters chronologically, or cover your entire lives to date. However, your essay must integrate all the important elements that have helped to add to your success till date. You may have interesting family histories or well-built visions for your future, and incorporating these kinds of elements into the table of contents can give a much greater sense of your personality.

Your imagination is your only limit to answer the question. Have a little fun with the question. You can reveal something about your youth, influential experiences or people, challenges, hobbies, interests, passions or extracurricular activities. It`s Your Life Story so write it the way you can explain yourself.

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