MBA Essay Tips for Writing about how innovation is critical to success

Innovation is the mother of invention and constant inventions leads to success, so a straight line can be drawn from innovation to success. Innovation helps introducing new things to the world. May it be new products, new services, new techniques or new ideas, in the roots lay innovation. Innovation provides a continuous growth in terms of individual and also in terms of the organization. Today, personal innovation is more important than ever. Organizations are desperate for creative people who see things differently, who can quickly size up problems and develop creative solutions to them. If you`re trying to start or grow the business you`ve always dreamed of, then you must have already developed the ideas that can be critical to your survival and growth.

In your essay, give examples of all that which has grown with the help of innovation. Demonstrate how from gadgets to communication services, all are the result of innovative ideas. For e.g. - Within a minute we can reach our clients wherever possible, thanks to the fastest email services. We don’t have to even wait for the service engineer to fix a problem in our electronic device; you get all the possible solutions over internet, and many more. Illustrate that, innovation is a universal exigency for growth and is leading to competition. Because of the increasing competition we can find a range of new products being launched every other day to facilitate all our requirements.

In your essay you need to focus that, Innovation is not only restricted to products and services but it also refers to innovation of ideas. Narrate experiences of the time when you had put some innovative ideas of yours into action. Explain how the newness of your ideas helped getting better solutions to the same problem. Also tell how difficult it was to convince people to accept your innovative ideas for approaching to the same traditional problem. Describe all the ways you had applied your innovative ideas to your practical world. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it doesn’t, but you never preferred a full stop. You readily took all possible risks to implement your new ideas into action. This will make evident to the admission officers that you are a continuous learner, a risk taker and strong enough to face challenges, while learning from the failures.

Your essay must clearly reflect on the theme that Creativity and innovation are the key factors to success. Success of an individual and success of the organization. Just imagine what if Apple would not have launched the handy i-pod, we would have been still listening to songs on our grandfather’s old gramophone. Or what if there wouldn’t have been a wide range of technically updated laptops. Do we still have time to spare working on computers only at office, home, or a cyber cafe? Justify that we need to maintain pace with the rapidly increasing need of innovation and first step starts with our creativity of perceiving things.

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.

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