Case Western:Weatherhead MBA Admission Essays Editing Tips

Case Western:Weatherhead MBA Admission Essays Editing


Case Western:Weatherhead Essay : 1

Describe your motivation for pursuing the MBA degree. How does it fit with your long/short-term goals? How have your academic, career, or life experiences prepared you for this program? What strengths will you bring, and what knowledge and insights are you hoping to develop during this learning experience? Are there any concerns about your application that you would like to address?

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Case Western:Weatherhead Essay : 2

For your second essay, please answer one of the four essay questions shown below. You may choose any of these questions; please be sure to indicate at the top of the response which question you are answering: Describe a situation where your academic or professional ethics were challenged and how you dealt with the situation. What did you learn from the experience? What is the most difficult feedback you have received, and how did you address it? Throughout our lives, we have significant experiences or "milestones" that have a lasting impact on us. Briefly describe such an event and its impact on you. Describe a time when you led a response to a crisis. What critical leadership skills did you implement? What was the impact of your decisions? How many people did you lead and what would be their opinion of how you handled the situation? How would you rate your own performance?

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