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Maryland:Smith  MBA Admission Essays Editing


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Application essays allow the admissions committee to get to know you better both professionally and personally. Additionally, the essays are used to assess writing skills, which are critical in the graduate business degree program

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What are your specific post-graduate short-term and long-term goals? How will a graduate degree from the Robert H. Smith School of Business assist you in achieving your goals? Finally, please discuss your personal and professional motivations for pursuing a graduate degree. (Please limit your response to 2 pages, double-spaced.)

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Writing about your short-term and long-term career goals in MBA Admission Essays

Tips for answering the Why MBA Essay

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Choose one of the two essays below: If salary was not a factor and your living expenses were covered, what would you do for a living and how would you spend your time? (Please limit your response to 1 page, double-spaced) or If you could be the leader of an organization, what organization would you choose, and why? What changes would you make to enhance the organization and what current strategies would you retain? (Please limit your response to 1 page, double-spaced)

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Optional Essay: Please use this essay to provide the admissions committee with additional information that will assist us in evaluating your candidacy (for example, an explanation for gaps in employment history or an undergraduate grade point average that is less than 3.0).

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Tips for Answering the Optional Question in your MBA Application Essays


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