Baylor:Hankamer MBA Admission Essays Editing Tips

Baylor:Hankamer MBA Admission Essays Editing


Baylor:Hankamer Essay : 1

It’s your first day of orientation for Business School at Baylor. Please introduce yourself and tell your new classmates what you hope to achieve during graduate studies at Baylor. (100 word limit)

Baylor:Hankamer Essay : 2

Discuss a situation in the workplace or classroom when you had to make a difficult ethical decision or choice. What drove you to make that particular choice? (500 word limit)

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MBA Essay Tips for Describing an ethical dilemma that you faced and the way you resolved it

Baylor:Hankamer Essay : 3

Optional Essay: During your studies at Business School at Baylor, you will be asked to analyze complex issues, to participate in problem-solving discussions, and to develop meaningful recommendations. Use this essay as an opportunity to demonstrate how you would define, prioritize, and analyze issues in a case study. Select one of the following situations to analyze. There is not one right answer. (500 word limit) 1) You are consulting with a company that manufactures e-readers. The company


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