MBA Essay Tips to describe a specific experience / event / situation when you had to think on your feet to get yourself out of a difficult situation

Through this MBA admission essay, the admissions committee is looking for some important traits within your personality. Within the corporate world, managers are usually inundated with difficult situations where quick decisions have to be made. In some way, this essay helps the b-school admissions committee pick up the right candidate who can be trained for such challenges. This essay helps MBA admission committee members realize that they are picking up the right candidate who can steer the organization out of crisis situation. The basis of evaluation could be the situation that you present in this essay or traits presented in your profile for e.g. risk taking, adventurous, maturity, leadership qualities etc.

This is a common question asked by many b-Schools. Usually the applicants talk about vague stories in such a dramatic manner that turns off the committee members. Therefore choose an anecdote which sounds realistic and displays your innovative and creative thinking abilities. It is necessary that you underline the situation and its possible impact on your surrounding environment.

It would be refined if the situation is from a real life experience. Statistically, not all experiences are astounding tales, so you do not need to be overly dramatic about real-life experience to make the readers realize the magnitude of situation. The situation could be from outside profession, in some other environment. A situation could be simple yet be difficult. What matters here is thinking through the situation and presenting it properly to the essay evaluator.

Some of the important points that you needs to keep in mind while writing this essay are:

  • Clarity in presenting the crisis – explain effectively why is the current situation difficult.
  • Effective presentation of possible actions taken to resolve the difficult situation.
  • Alignment with the overall profile is necessary and important.
  • Lay down the facts to the point. Do not exaggerate

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