MBA Essay Tips for writing about the things those bring you the greatest joy

Certain things in life, those bring us immense enjoyment are often difficult to describe. However, this is what you are expected to present in this MBA admission essay. This essay has a similar approach as to that of “what matters you the most, and why?” However, this essay allows you to give your words a personal touch. You can choose something outside your work such as community activities, social services or any kind of hobby or passion you find happiness in. Approach this essay in your own unique style. Talk about something that you really relish. Describe your passion for it. Furthermore, write how you started it, the ways you contribute to it and how you are impacted and bettered by it? Write about something out of the common threads that have been woven throughout your life.

Here, you need to portray, how your joy for your passion makes you distinctive. Your passion is essentially distinctive because it reflects your determination and your unique core values; though it may appear ordinary outside. Dig deep into your own motivations and find out what gives you the greatest joy, and anything such in your background that has shaped your vision. Explore the unique aspects of your background and describe why your joy is relevant to the question? Do not sound ordinary here. You may be finding joy in painting, writing, reading books or even spending time with family and friends, but unless you make these stories sound interesting and unusual, the admission committee will not find anything distinct in your essay. Explain what makes you happy, and how it makes you happy. The thing doesn’t necessarily need to have intrinsic value, but your feelings related to it must sound meaningful. 

You can also address this essay by disucssing personal traits such as your passion in taking initiative or taking charge of activities voluntarily. In this case, you need to present a convincing anecdote. The SAR (Situation,Action and Result) is a good way to structure this essay. In the first part, discuss the situation. Here, your can discuss a pressing problem in your community or organization and its criticality. In the second part, discuss what was your action and how you took initiative or how you exhibited a particular trait. In the last part present the result of your action, what gave you the greatest joy and your key learning from this incident. Be specific. Do keep in mind that, your joyfulness should make you distinctive.

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