Building Your MBA Application Timeline: What to Do and When Should You Do It?

You also need to make a list of everyone who could write recommendation letters for you. Remember one point you need to give enough time to your recommenders. Ask them well in advance. Giving recommenders at least one month lead time is very important because they are busy and the letters are normally quite demanding. Each school has slightly different letter. They each ask about 5 to 10 questions. And so identifying and getting your recommenders on board and letting them know this is coming is also important. So you need to do that. It is a vital part of your application.
Essays are admittedly an important part of the application process. You need to do a great deal of introspection for answering even the simplest straightforward questions. Every time you will have to plan a draft and redraft it, experiment newer ways of approach and make careful editions so that each and every sentence of your essay just seem perfect. Make it a habit to jot down every interesting thing that comes to your mind. Any inspiring lecture, a disappointing performance assessment, an enlightening conversation with an ally, a travel experience, running a marathon, a interesting book—all of these can be marvelous material for your essays. Don’t agonize over whether it will make a great topic, just jot it down. You will very soon find that you already have a plethora of material to choose from. 
Ideally you should begin working on the requirements 4-6 months before as you can comfortably spare the last 1-2 months for feedback.

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