Q. I do stay outside USA. How will I avail the services? Will there be any problem in availing the service due to time zone differences and geographical distance?
A. Gateway2MBA has clients from all over the world. There is no personal meeting involved in our services and all our services are offered over internet and e-mail. Hundreds of MBA applicants from around the globe have succeeded with our services. Time zone differences have never limited our deliverables.
Q. What is the turnaround time?
A. Each reviewing iteration takes maximum three days. Every time you mail your drafts to our consultants, he/she will review them and provide necessary feedback for further development of your drafts. The editing iteration takes 4-5 days. Clients are requested to submit their final drafts at least 5-6 days prior to intended submission date, as final editing takes time and each answer is then scrutinized by a Quality Control Editor.
Q. Will I be charged if I need more than one review rounds?
A.We do offer unlimited round of reviews. Your essays will be reviewed until they reach the optimum standard.
Q. What will you do in the reviewing process?
A. In the reviewing process our editors critically review your drafts keeping flowing questions in mind. Have the questions been answered properly? Are the essays meeting the requirements of the specific school? Is there consistency between the answers? Are the thoughts well organized, logical and error free? Are the essays interesting to read and able to engage the reader? Do the essays together present any unique selling point?
Q. I am struggling in developing my initial drafts. I need guidance for preparing my drafts. Can I get guidance for the same? Will I be charged?
A. Our editors will provide you all possible guidance to help you develop you initial drafts. No extra charges. This is free!!!
Q. For some questions, I have more than one anecdotes. I am confused, which one to write. Will you guide me in finalizing the best anecdote?
A. Yes, we would help you to choose the best anecdote for your MBA essays.
Q. How much time does it take to complete the reviewing and editing process?
A.This process is subjective. The total time taken depends on multiple factors such as complexity of essays, number of essays and promptness of your draft submission. On an average it takes 6-15 days to complete the whole reviewing and editing process. Once you submit your drafts we review them within three days and provide you detailed feedback to tune your essays. You complete the revision process and re-submit your drafts for review. This goes on till the essays reach a satisfactory level. Then the editor progresses with the editing process.
Q. Do your provide editing services for other programs such as undergraduate or masters?
A. We do provide reviewing and editing services for only business school admission essays such as MBA, Masters and Undergraduate. Unlike other services providers who provide service for non-business programs such as Law Schools and Medical Programs, we are completely focused on business admission school essays.
Q. Will your write my essays?
A. We consider writing for someone else as unethical. We are strictly against plagiarism. In our service we will review your drafts and provide you ample support and guidance to develop your essays. If you are struggling to prepare your drafts, our editors will provide you all necessary support for developing initial drafts. Once the essays have satisfied contents, then our editors will edit them/re-write the essays to improve its structure, style, grammar and presentation.
Q. How can I ensure quality?
A. Once the reviewing and editing process is completed, your final essays are proofread by a Quality Control Editor (QCE). This ensures you present the best of yourself to the MBA admission committee.
Q. Is my editor MBA? What is his/her experience in reviewing and editing MBA admission essays?
A. All our editors are MBA from top b-schools, who have mastered the reviewing and editing process. While reviewing your drafts, they ensure that the best of your candidature is presented in your MBA applications, so that their success is replicated in your success.
Q. Will I be charged extra if my essays take more editor's time?
A. At Gateway2MBA, we strongly believe your success is our success. Gateway2MBA is less about money more about passion. Therefore, we do not charge you more for your success. We strive hard to help you present your best in your MBA application essays.
Q. I am an existing client. Shall I get any discount for buying more services?
A. Existing clients can avail discount on resume and recommendation letter reviewing services. Please contact customer care at for details.
Q. I am running out of time and my application submission deadline is less than seven days. Do you provide rush service? And what are the charges for same?
A. If you want to complete the reviewing and editing process in less than seven days, you can avail our Fast Track services. In this service we allocate additional editor hours and resources to help you complete your essays on time. A surcharge of 25% is charged for Fast Track service through a separate invoice.
Q. Do you provide only reviewing or only editing service or editing a part of the application essays?
A. At Gateway2MBA, we strongly believe to develop successful MBA admission essays, one need to take the holistic approach. Therefore, in order to ensure success, we provide you a comprehensive service of reviewing and editing of all the essays of a business school to ensure you present the best of yourself to the admission committee and no vulnerable facet of your candidature is exposed to the admission committee.
Q. I could not find the school in your editing packages list? Do you provide reviewing and editing services for schools other than mentioned on your website?
A. We do provide MBA admission essay reviewing and editing for schools other than mentioned on our website. If you cannot find the school you are looking for, please feel free to write to us at for a quotation. In your quotation request please do provide details about your essays, word limits and application deadline.
Q. How to pay for Gateway2MBA services?
A. Our standard checkout is processed by Paypal secured payment system. You can use your existing Paypal account, credit cards and debit cards to pay for our services. For our tailored services we generate invoice for you. You can pay the invoices through Paypal and Google Checkout/Wallet.
Q. Do you offer any discount for bulk purchases?
A. We offer a discount of 10% on bulk purchases, if the total amount is greater than $500. The discount applies automatically to your basket during checkout.
Q. I liked your services. However, before buying your services, I would like to have a trial of the same.
A. We offer trial reviewing service for any one essay within 500words at only $25. We are confident that, after the trial you will choose our services.
What is the turnaround time for Trial package?
The turnaround time for Trial Package is 24~48 hours.
Is it possible to talk to you over phone? I would like to discuss my requirements with you.
Gateway2MBA clients are from all over the globe and 90% of them are non-USA resident. Therefore, due to time zone differences delivering telephonic customer care service has been a challenge for us. We have made our contact numbers private for last two years and this has not affected our customer satisfaction and company growth. We believe in lean system and have not invested in building the required infrastructure. We are happy to answer your queries over mail. Please be assured that you are choosing the best MBA essay editing service. Further, if you have any reservation, you are welcome to try our services with our "Trial Package" at just $25.
Can I have some sample of your work?
It follows from our privacy policy that we do not disclose any information related to our clients and do not display sample essays for public viewing; the idea of publicly exhibiting clients' personal experiences and viewpoints seems creepy to us. If you have any reservation, feel free to try our services with our "Trial Package".
Why there are differences in pricing?
The charges for a school depends on the number of questions, word limit of answers and difficulty level of questions. As these parameters vary with schools, we have different prices for different schools.

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