Admission Consultancy Policy: We strictly follow Principles of Good Practice set by Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants.

Information Policy: We have taken all possible care to provide accurate information about schools & their admission process. However, we do not have any authority on any information shared through this site. We collect them from the prospects and websites of school to present them before our users in a friendly accessible manner. So we recommend all our site users to cross verify the details wherever necessary. Further Gateway2MBA.com will not have any liability to anyone because of any loss aroused due to use of information posted on its website.

Privacy Policy: Gateway2MBA respects the privacy of its clients during and after their term of engagement for Gateway2MBA services. We ask for personal information only as it is needed for us to help you succeed in application process. All information provided to us by clients, in writing or in voice communications, shall be kept confidential. Gateway2MBA will never share your essays/statement/information with anyone without your acknowledgement.

Editing Policy: Please be clear that we do not write essays, we only edit the essays and help you to develop them. We are highly committed to clientele satisfaction, and we put our best to make the essays/statements speak for you. However, at the same time one cannot overlook the high level of competency in getting into the schools. The Gateway2MBA doesn’t provide any kind of guarantee of admission to any university or school. If a client is rejected by a graduate school or professional program, s/he has no legal or financial recourse against Gateway2MBA.Clients submit essays, resumes and other materials and information to the school at their own risk. Further, users agree to hold Gateway2MBA harmless to any academic, administrative, criminal, or civil proceedings.

Account Validity: Your account will remain active for 90days from the date of payment. If due to unavoidable reasons you are not being able to avail our services within the period, you can request for an extension of maximum 90days.

Price Change Policy: Prices for Gateway2MBA’s services are subject to change without notice. Prices will remain valid for a client throughout his/her term of service.

Refund Policy: In past we have experienced many incidents where our clients got offer from their choicest B-school, or they dropped their plan to take up the course, in due course of availing our services. So we have a refund policy for un-availed services. Gateway2MBA will refund the price paid for any service if not availed at all, after deducting $25 towards administrative charges. The refundable amount without any interest will be credited to your credit card/bank account within 45 days of submitting the request for refund. Please submit your refund request to care@gateway2mba.com.

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