The Admissions Process

The admissions process. The simpler it sounds the complex it is. It is extremely hard to understand the admissions process, unless you get to have a look at it from an admission officer’s point of view. To realize the strategies of the admissions process, you need to step into the shoes of an admission officer. The entire responsibility to build an extremely coherent class lies on the shoulders of the admission committee. Each of the members of the admission panel belongs to a diverse background and are well versed with the tactics of selecting applicants from interdisciplinary yet diverse streams. The admissions staff aims in assembling candidates who can comprise a well-formed and successful class. Every applicant has their own perspectives and uniqueness, which the admission officers try to recognize. The admission process is focused on assembling candidates from a broad range of work backgrounds so that they fit into the collaborative and interdisciplinary tradition of the b-school.

The admission officers cannot solely rely upon the GMAT scores or undergraduate GPA grades, as they are only a part of the process criteria, and there are still some more important elements to look after. And, anyways almost all of them take GMAT prep courses because that`s part of the culture at their firms. A vast majority of the applicants are experience holders in the fields of finance and consulting. This sets a hard-hitting challenge for the admission staff as they get very less scope for assembling people from other work categories. They need to focus on the diversity of the candidates to shape a well-rounded class, keeping in mind the class dynamics.

The admission officers go through your essays carefully, giving a close look on every feature of your essay. Although your resume would have already introduced you to them, but still your essays help them to gain a better insight at your skills and potentials. They examine your essays watchfully to understand you in depth, so that they can conclude of what you can contribute to the class and the school if selected. Your personal interview is yet another alarming phase. The admission officers scan you all over to assure themselves that they will make absolutely no mistake if they admit you to their school. They test out your presentation skills, your interpersonal skills, your communication skills and your confidence level. Clearing all the way through these hurdles is definitely a tiresome job for you, but all this is equally brainstorming for the admission officers.

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