Selecting Your Recommenders

Recommendations really are an integral part of your application package. Your recommendation letter adds a plus point to your estimation of getting selected. You are someone who will certainly say the best about yourself, but when your senior appreciates you, it is evidence that you have got the capability. Maybe your boss can discover things you don’t even recognize in yourself about your potential. 

Letters of recommendations nudge alongside essays in their importance. Many applicants drag all their effort in their essays and don’t try hard to get that good recommendation. Go for the person who knows you well and can talk really concretely about your experience. If possible, show the recommendations to your admissions consultant or whoever else can give you a second opinion. Consider changing one or more of your recommenders. Your recommender is a person who would describe your potentials at work, so give your recommenders ample time to review your accomplishments and jot them down impressively into the paper.

Approach your recommenders before hand as their recommendation plays a vital role for your application. Try to give adequate time to your recommender so that your recommendation letter reflects the best of your professional experience. One month really is enough time for them to sit down, digest what you’ve asked them to do, take you into consideration, and put together a nice recommendation for submission. Your recommender is someone who advocates your potential abilities and professional skills. Admission officers always prefer to rely on recommenders as they believe that they are the appropriate persons to evaluate you. Recommendation is not necessarily the basis of selection, but it definitely is a major component of the selection criteria. It is advisable to choose your recommenders carefully because who you choose is one basis on which you will be judged.

Here are some criteria to keep in mind, while approaching your recommender:


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