Applying to Business Schools in Round 3

 At the end of the second-round cycle, it’s definite for some of you to have some great news about the interview invitations you’ve got in your hand. You must be really busy practicing for the interview questions, reviewing your essays or might be visiting old blog posts where people have written about the ways of telling stories in the interview. At the same time, some others of you might have got some disappointments about your name not being in the selected list of applicants. Hold on, you should not seem frustrated, worried or confused as you are not yet out of the game. You still have interviews coming up your way, and it’s time for you now to grab the opportunity.

Most of the applicants have got very different views about applying in the third round, but it eventually depends on your reasoning of why you should go ahead and apply in the third round. You may have got plenty of reasons to justify your decision. You should go ahead and apply in the third round if:

You ran out of time for the second round.

  1. Probably you have improved your GMAT score by enough ranks to put you in the profile.
  2. You had overlooked a school then and, now after taking a closer look, you think you might be a good fit
  3. After going through the whole application process, you really realize that you want to go to this particular school, instead of hanging up in a top 5 name.
  4. For some valid reason you could not focus on your essays then which you are sure you can do now.

You must have also got reasons for not applying in the 3rd Round. You should NOT go ahead and apply third round if:

You only want to go to a top 5 school and you are not interested in the top 4

  1. You have yourself chosen to stay outside of the class profile of the school
  2. You aren’t sure of what you want to do
  3. The thought of filling out another application really gets on your nerves
  4. You hate your job and so it just occurred to you to apply to business school last week, so you have no time left with you

Reviewing the practical list, you can see that there some good reasons to apply rather than wait until next year. But if your scores/grades are lower than average for your target school, take adequate time to retake your tests, or join a few courses of your help and maintain the pace. If your work experience isn’t strong enough, take on more projects, or start your own business on the side – entrepreneurship is the new ire these days.  

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