Why do most applicants fail?

Every applicant definitely has a list of achievements to state. But the only thing that creates difference is, some applicants successfully transform their achievement stories into words whereas most of the applicants do a poor job with their essays. Most of the applicants fail to effectively explain their work experiences or to articulate a clear and compelling vision of their future. As an applicant you need to analyze what the admission committee wants to see in your essays. You need to pitch your candidacy to meet the needs of the admission committee. That, of course, is no easy task, but with a little patience—and a little guidance—it can be successfully done.

These are some suggestions for you;

1.    Instead of trying to modify your essays, attempt to find out where things have gone wrong.
2.    Do an introspection of the things you have missed out or have not adequately mentioned. Rectifying these points will surely help out.
3.    Most of the applicants hardly focus on the flow of their words and their connectedness. This probably can turn off your admission officer.
4.    Don`t make excuses for your screw-ups. Instead, take responsibility for your mistakes.
5.    It is important to put down your achievements into paper. But take care not to grandiose your skills.
6.    Do not give the admissions committee any chance to question your integrity.

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