You are on the waitlist.Now what?

It definitely feels frustrated when you find your name in the waitlist of a MBA program. But every school has its own reasons for putting you in their waiting list. Do not panic or become depressed. You are not rejected, just put on a hold. Try to sense the positivity behind the pitfall. The reason for you to be in the waitlist can be probably because there were too many qualified applicants, but the admission officers still likes you, but they need some time to think and act effectively. 

Your wait could stretch for months. Be patient. You can always consider other alternatives, but don`t give up because it is possible to get off the waitlist. In the meanwhile, get a fresh perspective on your application by rereading it now. The key to surviving this wearisome experience is to create and follow a definite plan of action. Designing a checklist can surely give you a better approach and perspective to analyze your situation and transform accordingly to maximize your chances of getting admission the next time. 

We suggest you to follow these tips to secure a guaranteed position in the MBA program selection list.

1. Understand the wait list: Some b-schools rely profoundly on the waitlist to fill their incoming classes, while some others rarely take more than a few waitlisted candidates every year. You need to research the school’s elasticity, to decide either to wait or apply for fresh perspectives.

2. GMAT and TOEFL: If possible take it again and if your scores go comparatively higher this time, report it to the admission committee. Higher scores always prompt the admission officers to think over their decision.

3. Additional Recommendation Letters: It’s okay to send more than one recommendation if the school allows it. If you are sending multiple recommendation letters this time, try to use recommenders who will do one or more of the following:
a) Furnish rationale to cover up professional weakness in your background.
b) Provide a encouraging perspective on different part of your background.
c) If academic recommendations are acceptable and your GPA is not great, consider getting an academic recommendation if you can get a strong one.
d) If your English ability maybe the issue, consider getting a recommendation from someone who can speak positively about your English communication skills. 
e) Additionally, many schools will also take informal recommendations from alums or current students, so if you can get one from someone who knows you, it can`t hurt.

4. Review your Waitlist essay and augment it: You have got one more chance to display your talent, take advantage to solidify your story. Include strong typical components to fortify your essay.
a) Justify your reasons of why you want to attend to show your real commitment and passion for the school. Think of classes, school`s culture, or any other reason that would make the school ideal for you.
b) Discussion of changes that have taken place in your professional career after your applied. If anything new and great has happened, you should most certainly write about it.
c) If you did not sufficiently discuss your leadership or teamwork abilities, you should most certainly do so.
d) Write about contributions you can make to the school based on your experience, background, personality, and network.
e) If your academic potential was not obvious, you should try to demonstrate that.
f) If you have substantial personal or professional accomplishments that you did not discuss, you should do so.
g) If you did not focus very much on non-professional content in your previous application, focus on it here. 

5. Consider seeking the advice of an admissions consultant: If you have already worked with one, and have found their work up to the mark, you can go back to that person. They have understood you well and they could help you put some additional effective things to catch the admissions` eye. On the other hand, you can always approach a fresh consultant.

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