MBA Class Profile

The admissions committee of every business school strive for maintaining a diverse profile of students for their MBA programs. It is very surprising how they show consistency while selecting their classes, but the process is not that simple for them. They go through a huge pile of applications and scan out the best application forms, possibly diverse in content. 

The admission committee aims in assembling an all round interdisciplinary class with people from diverse backgrounds. But every year the admission officers face a tough challenge as approximately 70 percent of the applicants come from finance and consulting backgrounds. The admission panel cannot only take such applicants even if they have exceedingly high GMAT scores, as that would upshot in a bad class dynamics. Every top B-school believes that, the amazing variety of perspectives, experiences, passions, values, and goals among your classmates guarantees that you will learn tremendously from them.

Although the b-schools do not have any strict quotas for each category, the final numbers are amazingly consistent every year, regardless of the number of finance or consulting people applying. The admission committee puts a lot of efforts in assembling an incredible range of individual perspectives that gives the program its unique personality.

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