Tips for using your MBA Admission Essays Wisely

The b-school application essays provide you a good platform where you can explain your unique features and can display your talent. You can share your personal experiences and can further clarify certain aspects of your background, wherever needed. The members of the admission committee go through your application in detail and try to seek conclusions about you from the background you have described about yourself. We suggest you to make wise use of your essays and describe those aspects of your background that would sound appealing to the admission officers. You can discuss about the following three issues in your background essays.

  1. Low GPA: If you have been an average scorer or have suffered from low grades in your academics. You need to spotlight on certain traits of yours that will help to prove you capable of thriving in a challenging academic environment. You need to understand that you have to provide a suitable explanation and not give excuses. The MBA classes are incredibly challenging and the admission officers might not prefer to take low academic rankers unless you are able to explain a particular reason of why your grades had curved in. Instead of giving reasons a family emergency or health issue, unless it had actually occurred, you may show your honesty by stating that you were less mature back then. You need not have to provide details for every small mistake in your background, unless you think you need to do so – you are human and the admissions committee understands that.
  2. Taking extra time to graduate: There can be a number of reasons why an individual may have taken extra time to graduate from an undergraduate program. These reasons and explanations can be attention-grabbing reflections of your interests and will allow the admissions committee to learn more about your life and activities. It is okay if you have taken that additional time, particularly if you have a strong reason for doing so. If you took that extra time to be lazy, this is an opportunity to be honest and provide evidence of a more recent shift in priorities.
  3. Changing majors: Some of the applicants might have shifted majors. Changing major is not a reason to worry about if you can explain the sense to do so. Switching majors may not necessarily be a weakness, it can perhaps denote your curiosity and diverse interests. The admissions committee wants to understand why you made certain decisions, in order to develop a clearer picture of who you are. There may be an interesting event that led to the alteration or possibly there was just a plodding shift in interests. Your time as an undergraduate is for self discovery. Being honest about your growth can be a great way for an admissions committee to learn more about you.

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