MBA Essay Tips for Describing an ethical dilemma that you faced and the way you resolved it

The honesty and integrity of a leader is what makes people admire him. If you are a person of high integrity – ethically, legally and morally, then you have the confidence to go the extra mile, do more than what you had promised and you will not find a single obstacle on your way. The world always admires and benefits those that have high integrity. This is an important mantra for garrisoning the top list of winners. Therefore, in this essay the admissions committee wants to know about a situation where your values, ethics and morals have been challenged and the way you dealt with it. They aim in finding out how you have employed your leadership skills to deal with a certain problem without ethically going against your conscience. To be very honest, no one can ever deny of being trapped in such kind of situation. You too have something similar to discuss, but, the reason to worry about is, how you share such an experience without your integrity being questioned. Choosing the right topic to share is the most difficult aspect of this essay, as your topic lets the admission committee test your values and character. 
This essay is to help analyze your judgment in face of adversity. Hence you may discuss the following points;

Explain the situation and the challenge that made you the most uncomfortable.

  • Clearly explain your options and why the ethical alternative was the difficult one.
  • Discuss what made you fall in such a situation?
  • Explain what did you do to overcome the challenge and delineate your decision making process. Discuss the techniques you adopted to deal with the situation. Explain how your personal values helped you in handling it.
  • Conclude with the result of your action and how successful you were in maintaining your integrity?
  • Mention why and how was this experience valuable?
  • Explain the lessons you learnt and the way it impacted you as a person/leader.
Present the pros and cons of your options, and explain the principles and values that guided your final decision. Honestly discuss the situation in your essay but at the same time do not provide the admission committee an option to raise finger on your integrity. Tactfully inscribe how you dealt with the situation. It should be evident from your words that you are a person of integrity and you are capable of dealing with situations where you face a challenge sustaining your values, ethics and morals. Discuss the way it influenced you and what positivity did it impart on your growth and skills.

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