Describing your job responsibilities in your MBA Essays

When you are asked questions related to your current or previous positions, it is essential for you to be very specific and positive about what you did in your previous position. You have got a position of responsibility, years of relevant experience and a perfect job history that graphs your steady progression in your field. But the admission committee would like to know how effectively you translate your impeccable credentials on to a paper. It is indeed an opportunity to prove yourself a perfect fit.

The best way to respond is to describe your past responsibilities in detail and to provide a vivid picture of how you think the MBA program can benefit you strengthen your responsibilities. Focus on most of your responsibilities that had helped you, your team or your past organizations to achieve heights of success. Being honest is equally important. Do not embellish your capabilities. 

Here are some suggestions that can help you get ideas for your essay:

  • Highlight only unique responsibilities that are more position related.
  • Focus on your specific accomplishments.
  • Rather than just describing your experience, project an image of yourself as an ambitious, hard-working up-and-comer who has a history of going above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Describe your job responsibilities precisely giving the admission committee a fair idea of how successful you were at work.
  • Spotlight your job skills so as to enable the person reading your application to see you as an asset to their institution.
  • Your essay should highlight all your traits so as to disclose your distinctive qualities to the admission committee and enable them to consider you as a person with all round skills.
  • Focus on the specific tasks you did such as leadership, decision making, initiating new projects, team working etc.

Focusing on these points while describing your job responsibilities will help you shining a spotlight on your accomplishments and makes sure your application gets the extra attention it deserves. Good luck!

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