Writing about the obstacles faced in your life in MBA Application Essays

You can use this essay to highlight one of your biggest strengths, such as your decision making abilities, perseverance, leadership skills or creative thinking. You may have a long list of achievements to state, but what you have achieved may not have come to you that easy. The admissions people foresee obstacles as a key to success. This essay is to help judge your determination, flexibility and compliance to face the obstacles coming your way. 

The following structure will help you develop a coherent essay for your MBA application:

  • Start with explaining the situation, the goal and your role in the same.
  • Explain the challenges you faced and discuss what actions you took to overcame the obstacle.
  • Explain and justify your decision making process. Explain the processes and ideas you have implemented to avert the situations.
  • Finally, mention the results from your action and discuss the lessons learnt.

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