MBA Essay Tips for writing about your undergraduate academic experience

This MBA admission essay is certainly a different question that demands something unique from you. Unless one is really into analysis of what he/she studied in undergraduate; how many applicants do actually remember the academic experience? Five years after undergraduate studies, one may not memorize how an internal combustion engine worked but s/he would certainly remember how s/he spent night upon night making the final year project work. Your good old friends would have lost some hair and the waistline has increased to the point of no return. Yes, most of the applicants do remember those good old friends. But the admissions committee is not enquiring about your friends and how they helped you to clear multidimensional linear algebra, but is certainly interested in knowing how those 3 or 4 years helped shape up applicant’s personality and what were his / her essential takeaways from those years.

One of the probable and easiest approaches could be to answer the question in a chronological order. The admissions committee does not want to know the semester-wise details of applicant’s electives or major / minors but would certainly show interest in his/her interactions and impressions about a faculty. If there are any academic achievements then this is the perfect time and place to list them here. Any particular incidents / academic experiences that have stayed with the applicant for long time deserve a mention here. Remember that the MBA admissions committee is asking about academic experience, so mentioning co-curricular and extra-curricular activities may drag the focus of essay out of scope. Some schools are particular on the undergraduate background and prefer candidates who have done exceptionally well. So, all the stars put together up during those undergraduate years need to be elaborated in your essay.

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