MBA Essay Tips for writing about International/ cross cultural experiences

This MBA essay is a very straight question, however, will play an important role in presenting your candidature before the admission committee. With globalization the workplace has become more heterogeneous with the presence of employees from multiple nationalities and cultures. Furthermore, in your MBA class, you will find classmates from diverse nationalities. The b-schools are keen about diversity. Because diversity plays an important role in the learning process. During the MBA program your interactions and discussions with diverse cohort will lead to a distinguished enhancement in your critical thinking, situation analysis and reasoning capabilities.

Therefore, the anecdote in your MBA admission essay should display your performance abilities in nationally and culturally diverse circumstances. If you are presenting any specific incidence in this MBA essay, then the SAR (Situation,Action and Result) is a good way to structure this essay. In the first part, discuss the challenging situation you faced in the foreign country. In the second part, discuss what was your action/reaction in/to that situation. In the last part present the result of your action and your learning from the experience. 

Through this question, the admission committee wants to explore the richness of your international experience whether you have actually used the experience to integrate with people and understand their cultures. Focus on cultural, people and other soft aspects of learning.

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