Tips for writing about your contributions to the MBA experience of your peers in the class you join

The amazing variety of perceptions, experiences, passions, values, and goals among participants in an MBA program guarante that an MBA student will learn tremendously from the cohort. Therefore, the admission officers aim in assembling candidates from a broad range of nationalities, culture and work backgrounds. Their goal is to identify applicants who will not only become important researchers and leaders in their field but also great contributor to the learning experience of their cohort. For this reason, the admission officers do not solely rely upon the GMAT scores or undergraduate GPA grades, as they are only a part of the process criteria, and there are still some more important elements to look after. They focus on the diversity of the candidates to shape a well-rounded class, keeping in mind the class dynamics. 

Every individual is unique in some way or the other. Similarly, you might also be possessing some unique interests, exceptional experiences, and a distinctive background that will help to distinguish you in a positive way in the tough competition. These out of the ordinary passions indicate the admissions committee that you can contribute an unique outlook to your class you would be admitted to. Your principles, personality, personal and professional past experiences, and unmatched interpersonal skills can prove you as an asset for your dream school.

In this MBA admission essay express your incomparable skills and unmatched ideologies. To support your illustrations, do narrate a few of your past experiences that would prove your uniqueness. Discuss those experiences that reflect your confidence and ability. Narrate incidents where you have brought about a difference by implementing the unique aspects you have in you. Let the admissions committee see the distinctive qualities that you can contribute to your peers in the class you join and that would further help to enhance the diversity of the program.

The admissions people want to see what kind of contributions you have made to the organizations that you had been a part of, what advantages you had taken of your opportunities, and your growth graph. They are mainly concerned with the quality of your work experiences and not quantity. They want to know your plans so that when you come to school you’re going to be ready to contribute, take part in student activities, take part in the recruiting process and just in general be successful because business school is a very busy place and you don’t have time to really figure it out once you get in there.

You need to convince the admission officers that you have got a variety of perspectives to offer to the class. Persuade them that you are here to learn from the program as well as your classmates, letting them learn from your experiences. Your contribution to the MBA program and your peers will be equally beneficial. Remember, an MBA program in your dream b-school requires uniqueness that you would be able to contribute to the class. So, you need to be one out of the crowd, rather than being one amongst the crowd. 

This is one of the most common essay questions virtually asked on almost every MBA application form. In this MBA essay, the admission officers are interested in finding out who you are and what unique aspects in you make you different from other applicants. They are also interested to know what uniqueness you can bring to the b-school and to the MBA class, if accepted. The MBA admission oficers focus on the diversity of the candidates to shape a well-rounded class, keeping in mind the class dynamics. To serve the purpose they invite applications from people belonging to diverse streams. The b-schools aim in creating an all round class consisting of people from various work backgrounds as all the top business schools believe that diversity of knowledge is one of the key aspects of learning

Throughout the entire essay, you should be geared towards bringing out all your unique features so that you can largely contribute towards the diversity of the program. Brainstorm about your qualities and characteristics and list them down in your essay. You might be a person with a broad range of interests and possessing multiple traits. So go ahead and list the combination of qualities that make you unique. Jot down the words that do people use to describe you - problem solver,  risk taker, creative, academic, leader, goal oriented, dedicated, ethical, a good team member or an efficient manager. Do spotlight on certain incidents from your work or narrate a few past experiences where you have shown unusual uniqueness for problem solving approach.

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