Business School Essay Writing Secrets

Most of the business schools ask for a set of essays, rather than a single personal statement. Writing multiple essays is often a challenge for many b-school applicants. However, one need to understand the benefits of writing multiple essays over a single comprehensive statement of purpose. Writing multiple essays is definitely a challenge but it provides multiple opportunity for the applicant to show their fitness for the program. 

The b-schools emphasize on applicants practical knowledge and expertise. Multiple essays are a gateway for the admission officers to know more about you and your practical experiences. Undergraduate GPAs and high GMAT scores have their own significance, but business schools pay closer attention to personal qualities, including your leadership ability, communication skills, initiative, vision, and many more. Grades and scores do not explain this side of you, and neither does a resume, so it essentially calls for essays.

Thus your admission will depend largely on your ability to convey your experiences and goals in written form. Self-assessment is a significant part of this process, as it is a careful review of both your personal life and what you have done professionally till now. Every aspiring applicant must communicate this information in a very clear, concise and powerful manner that is accessible to anyone, even without knowledge of their field. Being able to convey both the substance and significance of one`s work life is crucial for all applicants. A well written MBA application essay can make a difference. It is the critical element that influences the decisions of the admission committee. Informative essays can pull up your eligibility level, even if your GPA grades and GMAT scores are not up to the mark. The MBA  admission officers will not hesitate to discount your modest GMAT scores, if you have enough to boost about your unique personal and professional experiences. If you have an average GMAT score but you have worked hard on your essays to make it exceedingly excellent, then you are on your way of hitting the bull`s eye. 

Every aspiring candidate has a success story to tell. Successful candidates show their uniqueness in the application essays in form of anecdotes, which are engaging. Uniqueness is what the admission officers search in your essays. The admission committee aims in selecting applicants from diverse backgrounds as every top b-school believes that, the amazing variety of perspectives, experiences, passions, values, and goals among the cohort guarantees that not only one will learn tremendously from others but also one will contribute profusely.
The secret to top business school lies in your essays. The way you craft your essays decides where you stand in the stiff competition. Be concise. Sound interesting.


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