MBA Essay Tips for writing about the most significant decisions that influenced your career path to this point

Chocolate or strawberry? Life or death? We make plenty of swift decisions without thinking; and for some others, we spend many sleepless nights to think over. Some question, whether we really even have free will; others believe it is well within our power to make choices that will lead to greater well-being. Decisions are something that can have a positive or even negative impact on us and our life, so they one needs to make careful judgments.

This essay question is being asked in many B-schools in their applications. The question clearly demands you to reveal the factors that influence your decision making and the essential decisions you have taken, that have significantly influenced your career path. Before writing, think over what influenced you while making a decision? Is it the power you have got, your responsibilities towards your position, your experience or your emotions? All together, your essay should not give the readers an impression that you allow emotions have an upper hand in your decision making process, rather your essay should convey the admission committee that, while taking decisions, you were rational, sensible, logical, had capped your emotions, considered all the choices and were aware of the external influences. 

This essay question gives you a fair chance to create your impression on the admission officers. Your essay needs to be confident, direct, and to the point. The admissions committee uses this question to determine your motivation, maturity, and center of attention. You must bring about a lot in this essay, so pay special attention to the formation of your words. You can tackle the question by first listing down some of the most significant decisions you have taken until now. Then discuss with your peers/family members to narrow down to two most influential decisions those played a key role in shaping your career path.

You can structure your essay on SAR (Situation, Action and Result) model. In the first part discuss what the situation was and what your options were. Next elaborate what action/decision you took. That is discussing what option you chose and delineate your decision making process. Discuss how rational and logical you were. Discuss the expected results and the risks. You can also show that you have an appetite for risk taking. Do conclude your essay by discussing the results of your decision. Were the results of the kind your decision demanded? Were you contented with the results? Were the consequences the way they ought to be? Establish a link between the results of your decisions and the way they had an impact on your successful career path. The admission officers want to see your decision making ability. Therefore, make use of your power words to prove yourself worthy of the MBA admission.

You can narrate about those decisions that have helped you to shape your vision and motivate you to pursue the MBA program. Give credible reasons for your decision, and explain why you believe that this school`s program will help you overcome your ambivalence. Discuss the contributions your decision making ability has in bringing you to where you stand now.

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