MBA Essay tips for writing about the community organizations you joined and your major contributions to those organizations

MBA is not all about academics and projects. It also involves immense extracurricular activities such as group tasks, guest lectures and club activities. Through this essay, the MBA admission panel wants to explore how active you will be in the extracurricular activities during your study and post-MBA alumni activities. Therefore, present a strong case to assure the admission panel that not only you are capable of handling academic pressures, but also you will be active in other activities such as community services and extracurricular activities. Community service is one of the cardinal factors of bettering our society. This essay focuses on the community spirit in you and the ways in which you had contributed to the community of which you were a part during your academics or professional career. Your essays can distinguish yourself, if you could reflect that community service to you not only mean helping your community, but also your school, your state and ultimately your country. It is very important to include in your essay that you have the spirit in you to serve people who are less fortunate than you, not only financially, but physically and mentally too. 

List the organizations or clubs, where you had an active participation during your school and college days and professional career. Do mention your significant contributions to those organizations. While mentioning about your contributions, follow the SAR framework (situation, action and result). In two sentences, you should be able to convey what was the situation, what action did you take and what was the outcome of your action. Your essay should clearly reflect that - you were an active part of your organization, community and the community spirit always generates a feeling of volunteerism in you. You strongly believed that community service and volunteerism are very important for your development. Discuss how you donated your valuable time to various community activities. Your essay should depict that you actually understood your responsibility towards your society. Therefore, you had lent a helping hand to your society. 

Write how you have served the community and got involved in voluntary and developmental works within your reach or how you have taken voluntary actions to gather people together to initiate some trusts for any noble reason. Show in your essay, how being a member of community service provided you the opportunity to share your knowledge, skills, and abilities with someone who might not have benefited from such actions otherwise. You can conclude the essay, by mentioning how you can contribute to the MBA program and MBA experience of your classmates and transfer the skills, and knowledge gained from these activities. This essay requires you to creatively talk about your experience, skills and qualities and how you added value to the school, college and organization, you were in.

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