MBA Essay Tips: In what ways do your academic background and recent professional or managerial experience provide evidence of your potential for success in the program you selected and in your eventua

This essay is a clear open ended question about your potentials and the skills you possess. The admission officers are interested in exploring your potentials from your past experiences, academically, personally and professionally. It is quite obvious that when asked about someone’s caliber and skills, one would definitely represent the best of him/her. However, unless the admission officers get strong evidences and hear to honest experiences from your past, it would be hard for them to judge you completely. They receive piles of applications every year from a crowd of potential students, and it is absolutely their responsibility to choose the best among the huge crowd of applicants. For this, they need to explore you in and out in every manner, to fulfill the needs of their b-school. You can divide your essay into four parts;

  • Academic Background: Provide examples from your academic experiences of how you had proved your extra-ordinary talent. You can give examples of your grade points being exceedingly good or your name always being included in the list of top scorers. You can also narrate the experiences of your contribution to community services and voluntary activities while in school and college.
  • Personal Skills: Demonstrate how as a person you possess strong interpersonal skills and problem solving aptitude. Narrate suitable examples from your past to support your words. Your personal attitude can prove appealing to the admission officers, so, depict a fair picture of yourself to the admission officers.
  • Professional Experience: Focus on one or the various work experiences you have. Write about the various job responsibilities you have held, and your positions of responsibility in the organizations you have worked in. Describe your international and cross-cultural experiences if any. Discuss how you have employed your skills to achieve success and your learning from your experiences. Let the admission officers know, how your talent and skills have helped you to succeed professionally.
  • Managerial Skills: The global workspace today demands a lot of efficiency and potential in their managers. Along with the increasing market demands, the necessity of highly skills managers have also emerged. Keeping pace with the rapidly changing needs of the global workspace, managers need to have skills, such as leadership skills, skills to manage change, and skills to integrate people, work, information, and technology for their organization to succeed. Narrate examples to show that you possess some or all of the skills required for an efficient management. Discuss how you have dealt with pressure situations and have taken crucial decisions as and when required.

Give adequate examples from your past academic records, professional exposures and managerial experiences. Your problem solving approach, unique contributions to your community, swift decision making aptitude and ability to take responsibilities should reflect in your essay.

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