MBA Essay Tips for describing a time when you took responsibility for achieving an objective

This MBA admission essay question is pretty much definite with respect to your vibrant experiences. Although you have the preference here of drawing from many different types of experiences, the admissions committee is specifically looking for something explicit with regard to your actions. The admission officers want to know how well you are able to set a goal and achieve it. The way you do it. The type of plan you put in place and the way you motivate others to help you achieve the common goal.

You need to be very clear about how you “took responsibility." You need to show that you did not just lead, but that you also communicated your intention to lead and thus created expectations for yourself. You can then explore how you achieved your goals and delivered on the expectations you created. You do not need to exclude instances in which you only partially achieved, or failed to achieve, your goals, as long as you reveal the positive attributes of the experience. In other words, do not simply tell the reader what you accomplished, truly show the reader how you were able to accomplish.

Choose an anecdote in which you were either assigned a responsibility for a project, or a story in which you took on an objective on your own accord after recognizing some need. State your reasons of accepting the responsibility. Provide a detailed description of your thought process and actions as well as stroke on the success that you achieved through pursuing the particular objective. Show that when you accept any responsibility for an outcome, you are committing yourself to the endeavor and declaring that you will achieve it. While the question does not require an outcome, the best essay will demonstrate a situation where you took responsibility for an outcome and explain why you did so, what happened, and the result. You are also recommended to outline your key learnings from the whole exercise.

Do remember a few things while writing the proud story of your accomplishment. Never grandiose your success story or try putting down others. If you are given a responsibility, you are merely carrying out someone`s orders. If you take responsibility, you are showing initiative. It is therefore suggested that you make sure that you are showing initiative and not merely acting as a good worker doing a job someone has assigned to you.

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