MBA Essay Tips: Imagine a life entirely different from the one you now lead, what would it be?

We human beings have unlimited desires. Many a times, the things we do, the actions we take and the lives we lead are not completely under our control. However, we strive or desire to do certain things or live in a certain way in our lives. This MBA admission essay aims in bringing out your creative ability and your imagination power. Represent your imagination skills and describe the things which you have always thought to do or achieve. Furthermore, justify your imaginations with supportive reasons. Justify, as to why you are not entirely contended with the life you are leading now. What more do you expect from your life and what steps you think will lead you to fulfill your imaginations. Also you can discuss what steps you have taken recently to achieve your dreams or aspiration. Make use of your creative aptitude and imagination power to fancy your ideas into the essay so as to sound appealing to the admission officers. At the same time, please do not lose rationality. Further, you can use this essay to discuss something ambitious, such as long-term career goal or personal goal. 

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