MBA Essay Tips for writing about a recent professional example when you took an idea and put it into action, either successfully or unsuccessfully and the impact this had on your organization

The most important thing that matters in this MBA admission essay is how you conceive ideas, the ways you put your ideas into action and your persuasion skills. Whether your action came up with a successful or unsuccessful result is a secondary thing. First prepare a short list of such actions or endeavours which you feel had or intended to had a considerable impact on your organisation. Then in order to finalize an anecdote sit down with your peers or supervisor and discuss each case in hand and choose the best one for your essays.

SAR (Situation, Action and Result) is a good way to break down your essay. Start with discussing an issue or objective and its criticality to your organization. For example an issue can be high staff turnover or plummeting sales and objective can be launching a new product to increase revenue. Then in the action part write how you analyzed the problem/requirement and the factors you had considered to devise the solution to achieve the objective. Discuss what all ideas you had developed and among them what ideas you decided to put into action and why? It is good to present that you were rational and logical in your decision making process.

Then conclude with the result of your action. Explain your action plan and discuss if the idea came out to be effective? Whether successful or unsuccessful, what impact did your result had on your organization and on you? If unsuccessful, please discuss how it can be done next time in a better way. Do not forget to mention the learning experience from the whole process. Further presenting your persuasion skills in this essay will provide an additional edge to your MBA application.

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