MBA Essay tips to describe a situation where you worked on a project or assignment that you did not enjoy

It is not always necessary that you enjoy every work you do or have done. Many-a-times we are bound to work in situations, where neither we enjoy the work nor do we reach the expected outcome. In this MBA admission essay, you need to discuss any of such experiences where you had worked on a project or assignment either to fulfill the demand of the situation or to follow an order, but you never enjoyed the work you did.

You can use the SAR (Situation, Action and Result) framework to describe your experience. 

  • Discuss, what the situation was, and how you landed in that project or assignment? Did your position demand you to carry out the action on the project or assignment? If you were discontent with the task from inception, you need to discuss the same here.
  • Talk about the actions you were supposed to take and the actions you actually took. If your dissatisfaction was becasue of the diffrence between your planned action and actual action, then discuss the same here.
  • Did you approach the right method to solve the issue or the ideas to work on the project?
  • What was the outcome and was the outcome expected? If your dissatisfaction was becasue of the outcome, you need to discuss the same. Was your problem-solving approach and the outcome appropriate or could it be a bit more accurate?
  • The most important thing you need to mention in this essay is to discuss about your learning experiences from the whole affair. You can discuss how differently you can get the task done, if you face a similar situation again. You can also discuss the impact of your action on your organisation and your colleagues.
  • Remember, in this essay you need to show the MBA adcom that you can well manage yourself and projects in challenging situations and you can motivate yourself and fellow team members in difficult situations.

It is absolutely okay with the admissions committee if you did not enjoy any of the project or assignment you had ever worked on. However, the admission officers expect you to know the reasons of your dissatisfaction, and the ways you have planned to work on it.

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