How to Answer Your MBA Application Questions.

Some of the key features of MBA application package are your professional experiences, recommendations, interviews and mainly how you portray them in your essays. You must be wandering, what the MBA admission panel looks for in a potential business school candidate? What are the things that can impress them? And how do you craft your essays that would be the most convincing? Here are some tips that can help you to create the most competitive application and to put the finishing touches on your application.

The admissions people do not solely focus on your application but while selecting applicants, they keep in mind that they also need to create well shaped class. There are certain major areas that they mainly concentrate on. 

  • Your application story - The story you frame is a kind of your inward look and a real self discovery. The admissions people want you to tell your story that sounds very simplistic. Most candidates write things that they think the admissions committee wants to hear, and not the things that they are necessarily passionate about or interested. It is advisable that you discuss some of your proudest accomplishments, your passions and your reasons to take this step. Be honest with yourself through the course of action. A question that comes up very often is, ‘How do I make myself stand out from other candidates?’ and one of the best and easiest ways is to really be yourself because each of you have your own unique story.
  • Outstanding academic potential – The admissions committees look for diversity in terms of academic experiences. Your undergraduate performance, the courses undertaken and essentially your GMAT scores are some significant features that the admissions committee focuses on. If you had been an average scorer throughout, then spotlight some unique attributes from your academic standpoint to cover up the pitfalls.
  • A proven track record of career success – The admissions people want to see what kind of contributions you have made to the organizations that you had been a part of, what advantages you had taken of your opportunities, and your growth graph. They are mainly concerned with the quality of your work experiences and not quantity.
  • Bright professional promise - They want to know your plans so that when you come to school you’re ready to contribute, take part in student activities, take part in the recruiting process and just in general be successful because business school is a very busy place and you don’t have time to really figure it out once you get there.
  • Professional and personal characteristics – The MBA admissions committee doesn’t really expect you to excel in all the areas, but they look for some vital professional and personal skills in you. Your skills could be represented in your work experience or extracurricular activities during your undergrads, and they hope that you must have excelled in some of the areas already.
  • Leadership skills– The admission people are really not interested to know how many people you had managed, but how effectively you had managed them. Think about you personally and your leadership styles and some of the things that you feel really proud of and really represent that in the application. Your readers are going to look for evidence of your leadership potential.
  • The ability to communicate effectively – The way you articulate your story effectively gives the readers an impression of how good your communication skills are. The admissions committee looks for candidates having good written and verbal skills, who can maintain pace with their sophisticated programs.
  • Interpersonal skills- This is something that makes candidates stand out from one another. The admissions people will search for this skill in your essays and also will want to see how you interact just one-on-one with another person during the interview.
  • Recommendation letter- Try to give adequate time to your recommender so that your recommendation letter reflects the best of your professional experience. Maybe your boss can discover things you don’t even recognize in yourself about your potential. Your recommendation letter adds a plus point to your estimation of getting selected.
  • Genuine interest in the school and the program- You know in what you are good at and what you need to develop. You need to make some good decisions about what exactly goes in an MBA application versus other places in your life. Justify of why you have decided to choose the program and why particularly at this point of time.


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