MBA Essay Tips for Describing how, in your own experiences you have met some or all of the Entrepreneurship definitions

Entrepreneurs are people who like to strike out on their own and make things happen their way. If you happen to be an entrepreneur, your story line must be revolving around creativity, imagination, leadership and achievements. When you discuss these experiences, apart from talking about your accomplishments, do focus on how you achieved them. What factors motivated you or did someone play an influential role? The admission people are not interested to know what happened, as it is much apparent, but they will really be interested in knowing how it all happened.

You need to justify, about your admission into the b-school. Admission officers will undeniably ask, “If you thought you could make it on your own two years ago, how come you now feel like you need to sit in a classroom and learn again?” Accentuate your desire to learn and move towards greater horizons. Substantiate your urge for growth by illustrating them your future long term career goals.
If you are an entrepreneur, do take care of the following points while engraving your experiences in your admission essay.

  • Depict your imaginations as reasons for pursuing the program.
  • Share your past experiences of what led you into this business and your urge for growing it.
  • How do you see MBA as an opportunity to expand your business?
  • Discuss the situations when you have shown excellent leadership skills.
  • Argue as of why do you believe in risk taking.
  • Share some instances where you have been involved in decision making and how did it benefit you?
  • Your essay must be written skillfully so as to enable the person reading your application to see you as an asset to their institution.
  • Narrate the circumstances that led to the development of a new idea as it shows you as someone who understands how new ideas emerge.
  • Project your thought process through your essay.

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