MBA Essay Tips for describing the activities you performed in your workplace in the last five years

These kind of essays offer you a chance to showcase the intensity and extent of your professional experiences which is very important for entry into any executive MBA. You need to choose your activities related to your work places that can provide an insight to the readers about your professional skills. Choose activities that showcase the following strengths-

  1. Leadership (initiative, teamwork, responsibility)
  2. Analytical and problem solving skills
  3. Global, multi-cultural, and/or cross-functional exposure

Depending on your individual professional experience, you can take either of the following approaches-

  • Approach1: Each activity focuses on one of the above strengths
  • Approach2: The activities put together showcase all of the above strengths.

Finally, your professional excellence and maturity should reflect throughout this essay. Not only should you talk about your accomplishments, but you should also describe how you went about achieving them.

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