MBA Essay Tips: What matters most to you, and why?

An interesting, yet a complicated MBA admission essay. This question needs a close analysis of your perceptions. You need to introspect to do justice with the question. There is no ideal answer for the question, so do not try to grandiose your words. Question yourself and honestly answer it, and again ask “why?” answer it; ask “why?” Do it repeatedly till you find your values, attitude and passion? This is an open question and you can mention any of the attributes such as integrity, compassion and courage to stand for the right.

Start by making a list of all the big and small choices that you made in your life. Analyze why you made these choices, giving due weightage to the circumstances that influenced your decision making. For example - why you chose to be an software engineer? Was it the trend at your time? Or because your parents wanted you to be what you are now? Or you yourself knew that in your country if you want to be somebody you need a branded engineering degree? Or because you wanted a secure future, hence you did not prefer to pursue a career in Music? Answering these questions will help a pattern to emerge which answers - what matters the most to you?

But this is not the entire mission accomplished. Half of the question is still lying unanswered. Why is this most important to you? You have to go to the deepest to find the answer- is that your passion, your values, your predispositions or may be your analysis of life. Suppose being somebody is what matters to you most, then “why” can have answers like because you have seen your father struggle in life to bring you up, so you wanted to be somebody, or because you were brought up with the expectation to be a successful person as your father was a successful person. Therefore, your passion and your dream are to succeed. All that you do is directed in that direction only.

Above exercise is the raw material for your answer to go ahead in your own style to write the answer.

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