Strathclyde MBA Admission Essays Editing Tips

Strathclyde MBA Admission Essays Editing


Strathclyde Essay : 1

Discuss an event or process from your work experience which has contributed to your personal/professional development, under the following headings: Briefly describe the event or process. How were you involved and how did you respond? What were the outcomes? What did you learn that you could realistically apply in the future?

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MBA Essay Tips for writing about the most significant decisions that influenced your career path to this point

Strathclyde Essay : 2

What are your aims for your future career development? How will the Strathclyde MBA assist you in achieving your aims?

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Writing about your short-term and long-term career goals in MBA Admission Essays

Tips for answering the Why MBA Essay

Strathclyde Essay : 3

Describe how your work experience could be used as a source of information for your learning and for contribution to group discussions.

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Tips for writing about your contributions to the MBA experience of your peers in the class you join


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